One Last Marble Studio: Blog en-us (C) OLM Studio / 214.207.8038 / (One Last Marble Studio) Sun, 28 Feb 2016 20:31:00 GMT Sun, 28 Feb 2016 20:31:00 GMT One Last Marble Studio: Blog 120 80 Always looking for something new to learn about! I have been working on a personal book project.  During this journey I encounter things I want to learn about. A ring light has always intrigued me. So I rented one to try and see if I wanted it as part of my tools for the project.  Zoe was willing to play with me.  We got some fun shots!  One more new fun tool to use!

IMG_3982IMG_3982 zoe 1zoe 1


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"Now we feel like a real family" The Unexpected Power of a Family Portrait

‚ÄčI mostly photograph high seniors, that moment when their moms and dads are about to release their babies, their heart, out into the world.  The year of the "lasts" or also the last year of "firsts."  I realize as I see all these families come and go, I want them to get a family portrait before they go off and it all changes.  It is so important for our kids to have a visual reminder of who we are as a family.  

Families now come in all shapes and sizes of love. One shape is the blended family.  I have done it, it is worth every second to make it good.  A mom of a blended family I photographed last spring recounted this story.  (not the family pictured) After their new portrait was framed and hung in the foyer, her youngest kid walks in from school..."wow, we feel like a real family now."  Mom asked, "did we not feel like one before?"  "Yeah, it just feels more real now."

Wow, I cried, I have a blended family, and it can be hard.  So that story really made my day.  The power of a portrait to make a family.  That was the day, I knew I wanted to make sure every single family can have a portrait done.  So here is the first family Mini Session, this one by request at White Rock lake. Details are below.  Don't be left out. 

Vonda Hussey-Klimaszewski


White Rock Lake Family Mini Session  $250  plus tax

  • 10-15 minutes photography time
  • White Rock Lake location
  • On-line gallery for image selection
  • 1-digital image
  • 1-8x10, 2-5x7's
  • 1-4 people included $25 each additional (6 max)
  • Additional prints and digital images available for purchase

Click here to book it now:





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Quick portraits become something more!  


I do a lot of portraits, of a lot of people.  Most clients want simple fare.  But sometimes it is fun to make that simple portrait something more!  When They bring something and I see something it becomes magic, instantly.



Clark-An extra, I thought was fun!Clark-An extra, I thought was fun!



Lindsey, Bryan4Lindsey, Bryan4

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