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For portraits that go beyond the white background and out in the world:
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Vonda Klimaszewski the photographer who made the book Fulfilling the Vision: Celebrating One Dallas Art Schools Impact on the World. Vonda, and writing partner Susan Elliott Hamm, created the book that Celebrates Booker T. Washington's influence on the world. To get your own copy click here.

Click here for a copy of the book.

To purchase your own copy of the school photo from the book cover for framing click here.
Cavalier, John.1709Cavalier, John.1710Cavalier, John.1711Cavalier, John.1712Cavalier, John.1713Cavalier, John.1714Cavalier, John.1715Cavalier, John.1716Cavalier, John.1717Cavalier, John.1727Cavalier, John.1728Cavalier, John.1729Cavalier, John.1734Cavalier, John.1736Cavalier, John.1739Cavalier, John.1740Cavalier, John.1752Cavalier, John.1753Cavalier, John.1754Cavalier, John.1755
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